Monumental Masons faced a difficult December, this being their busiest time, and all of the families needing their stones in place for Christmas. But the snow and bad weather just made fitting the stones impossible.

If you can imagine trying to pick up a 200Kg bar of soap out of the bottom of the bath whilst standing on a slippery floor in bare feet, then you will know why headstones cannot be fitted in the snow.

On 30th November 2010 the snow fell and it fell, we had 16 to 18 inches in our yard, and it took us four days to dig it out so that we could become operational again. Sub Zero temperatures remained well into December, it was quite impossible to fit stones in burial grounds. We began to think the unthinkable, that we may have to let families down at Christmas. (We don’t do that, we never do that). The stones were ready but we could not fit them.

On my way home to Wingerworth on Friday December 10th I was now resigned to the fact that we would do little if any fittings before Christmas, it was -5 degrees and there was still lots of snow everywhere. On Saturday morning the sun was out and a rapid thaw had began, I made a few calls and we put a plan together, I spent the weekend inspecting access to all burial grounds in North Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire whilst my partner Gordon planned the fitting campaign. We had two teams out first thing on Monday and we continued fitting all the way up to Christmas when the weather came in again. But we did it every stone that was wanted for Christmas was in place and was able to bring the respective families a little comfort at such an important time.


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